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Tumbler Ridge is a dream destination for outdoors enthusiasts no matter what sort of adventure you're looking for: from high-energy to easygoing. Tumbler Ridge is home to accessible year-round recreational opportunities for all ages, interests and abilities. The possibilities are as diverse as the landscapes in which they appear. 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, Tumbler Ridge is sure to leave you with treasured lasting impressions.

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The Cascades

The Cascades are a series of ten stunning waterfalls along Monkman Creek that thunder over rock ledges, separated by placid pools. The named waterfalls among these 10 waterfalls are Lower Moore Falls, Upper Falls, Brooks Falls, Shire Falls, Monkman Falls, McGinnis Falls and Chambers Falls.



To access the cascades, there are side trails between kilometres 18 and 21 on the 24 km long Monkman Lake Trail. Please note that this hike is rated Challenging and is 42 km round trip, take 3-4 days for this trip. You are gaining 465m (1500ft) in elevation through the beautiful trail.


Backcountry camping spots are available at 2 places throughout the Cascades, at kilometer 13 and kilometer 20.


There is fishing within the rivers and lakes in Monkman Provincial Park, make sure the appropriate licenses have been purchased.

Link Hike

Monkman Lake, and other scenic sites within Monkman Provincial Park.


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