Tumbler Ridge Tour Service Providers
Wild River Adventure Tours

Randy Gulick

A small, family run, touring company that does riverboat, jeep, ATV and snowmobile tours.
Wild River Adventure Tours is a Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark Tour Operator.
Please give Randy a call to ask any questions you may have at 780-830-8848
Wild River Adventure Tours where we’re all about YOU choosing an experience YOU will ALWAYS remember!

Ridge Rotors

Marc Bresse

Ridge Rotors offers many helicopter services including adventure and tourism.

Heli Tours, Heli Hiking & Fishing to see and experience some of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes imaginable.

Explore Tumbler Ridge’s wilderness backyard in a new way with Ridge Heli Adventures.  
Ridge Heli Adventures is teaming up with local tourism to provide you and the crew with a hassle free weekend in the mountains.
 Spend a day trekking to secluded waterfalls and partaking in a grounding yoga class there.  
 Explore your creative side by taking a paint brush in your hand under an artists guide.
 Jump into a helicopter and fly through valleys and over mountain peaks to alight at alpine meadows for rarely seen wonders while enjoying a savouring lunch.

All of this and more can be explored at www.ridgeheliadventures.com

Tumbler Ridge Visitor Information Centre

265 Southgate Street, Tumbler Ridge

Tourist Information - Trail Brochures - Gift Shop

The Tumbler Ridge Visitor Information Centre is equipped with a level two Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station that is accessible to most Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV).

Wolverine Nordic & Mountain Society

Email: contact@wnms.ca

Lisa Mackenzie, WNMS President: (902) 754-2935

Birgit Sharman (250) 242-4860

Charles and Linda Helm (250) 242-3984


The WNMS is made up entirely of volunteers, and has been registered as a non-profit Society in BC since 1994. Our mission is to promote and develop all aspects of people-powered outdoor recreation in the Tumbler Ridge area. We design, build and maintain hiking trails, in cooperation with BC Rec Sites & Trails, BC Parks etc. – currently 30 trails, almost 100 km. Brushing and removal of deadfall and danger trees occurs in spring and in late summer on most trails.