Flatbed Falls & Area

Flatbed Falls is the most popular tourist destination in Tumbler Ridge. These falls are close to town and take some time to walk up stream and relax at the overhang rock or explore at the pool, or walk down stream and hang out at the mini falls.



The main falls is an easy 10-15 minute walk from the highway. There are a few steep sections but nothing too challenging. The Mini-Falls will add another 15 minutes onto your journey and bit more sweat to your brow.


The bottom of the waterfall provides a great swimming pool for advanced swimmers and just upstream from the falls you will find shallower slow moving pools more appropriate for less skilled swimmers.


A covered picnic area with garbage bins is located on the trail just before the main falls.


Check out our photo gallery to see the stunning pictures you can take during your trip.


Many different birds make Flatbed Falls their home.